Institutional Chaplaincy
Orthodox Church in America
Thephany Feast Greetings

To all our Institutional Chaplains, a most heartfelt greeting as we celebrate the Theophany Feast!  This is the beginning of Jesus' ministry, and the quintessential kenotic model for all caregivers to emulate: 

Come, O faithful, let us see where Christ was baptized!  Let us follow Him to the river Jordan, to the voice of one crying in the wilderness!  And let us see there the Maker of Adam, as He receives the laying on of hands from a servant because of His ineffable loving-kindness!  And let us cry aloud to Him: “You have come and appeared in the Jordan to sanctify the waters!” (Matins Kathisma Hymn)

Let us be inspired by our Lord's light and love as we celebrate this feast, and may God bless you in your ministry.

Archpriest Steven Voytovich, Director

Office of Institutional Chaplains


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