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OCA Institutional Chaplaincy at All-American Council

The Orthodox Church in America gathered in Baltimore, MD for the All-American Council in July.  Among the developments related to institutional chaplaincy, were opportunities for sharing the work of this office.  The first photo shows the Institutional Chaplaincy display, that was right outside the entrance to the exhibit area.  As several of our chaplains forwarded a photo and write-up, these were all posted during the week's gathering! 

Several of Fr. Joseph McCartney's parishioners saw his photo there as we spoke together.  The second photo accompanying this posting was taken with Chaplain Elaine Mayol.  Chaplain Elaine was the first chaplain endorsed through the now formal endorsement process, in 2003!  She has continued serving in hospice care.  Fr. Michael Medis was also attending the AAC, and we had opportunity to talk together.

Thank you to all who contributed photos and write-ups.  During my report on Institutional Chaplaincy, I began with referencing our chaplains as primary responders during our present pandemic, along with doctors, nurses, and others, asking for prayers on your behalf.

May God continue to bless the ministering hands of our institutional chaplains!

Fr.  Steven Voytovich, Director

Office of Institutional Chaplains

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